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About Me

Who Am I

I am a combination of designer and developer with extensive experience. Every day I am passionate about creativity.
It is always my goal to bring my clients the most usable products.
I also provide on-demand customization work.

This is What I Do

Why Work With Me

Self Motivated

With new web technologies constantly emerging, it is a lifelong habit of mine to stay curious and keep learning.

International Experience

Through years of serving many clients around the world, I have gained considerable experience in international cooperation.

I Meet Deadlines

Timing and planning are critical elements, and completing quality projects on time ensures that clients can move forward smoothly next.

Attention To Detail

Precision down to every pixel is what I always strive for in design.

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Web Development

I can provide integration services from scratch to live website, and of course, work with the team to move the project forward.

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E-Commerce Focused

I have extensive experience in E-commerce, especially on the Shopify-based platform.

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Fully Responsive Design

Ensure that the website is presented perfectly on different end screens.

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Curated Customization

Using my expertise as well as experience, I help clients customize their website experience to match their brand positioning.

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Design to Real Site

Efficient implementation of existing designs into real online websites.

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Provide professional advice and solutions for website operation, maintenance, installation, upgrade, migration, etc.

This is What I Got

Technical Skills

Over fifteen years of experience in web design, graphic design, and web development. Familiar software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Final Cut Pro, InVision Studio, etc.

HTML 5 85%
CSS 3 90%
JavaScript (and common frameworks) 75%
Liquid (for Shopify) 80%
PHP 60%
MySQL 50%
New Technology Adaptability 99%

About Me

I am a combination of designer and developer with extensive experience. I provide professional website technical consulting services and on-demand customization work.

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