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About Me

Who Am I

I’m a full-stack independent developer. I’m passionate about what I do and do it right. It’s always my goal to provide high-quality products to my clients. I have worked on projects worldwide and gained happy clients.


What do I do?

- 01

Web Development

I can provide integration services from scratch to live website, and of course, work with the team to move the project forward.

- 02

E-Commerce Focused

I have extensive experience in E-commerce, especially on the Shopify-based platform.

- 03

Fully Responsive Design

Ensure that the website is presented perfectly on different end screens.

- 04

Curated Customization

Using my expertise as well as experience, I help clients customize their website experience to match their brand positioning.

- 05

Design to Real Site

Efficient implementation of existing designs into real online websites.

- 06


Provide professional advice and solutions for website operation, maintenance, installation, upgrade, migration, etc.

This is What I Got

Technical Skills

Over fifteen years of experience in web design, graphic design, and web development. Familiar software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Final Cut Pro, InVision Studio, etc.

HTML 5 90%
CSS 3 90%
JavaScript (and common frameworks) 80%
Liquid (for Shopify) 75%
PHP 70%
C# 65%
MySQL 60%
New Technology Adaptability 95%

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